Technical Corrections


We wil use the page for all of our club players that take advantage of some open court time, pictures and video of technical skill work, with the "play by play" of what is going right and what needs to be changed.


Olivia Warren working hard as always! This is a great example of why we use bands every day for warmup. One of our first year players, Olivia Warren, working on her multi-planar lunges demos why the band is so critical for new players, girls and athletes in general. When you open up the full size picture you can really see how her right knee is caving in and no longer tracking over the big toe. The glute minimus plays a significant role in the tracking of the knee which is why we use the band warmup to activate that muscle every time we train. This type of tracking is very common in younger players and in girls, but should be corrected. Over the course of the next few years of training, this tracking issue will be eliminated, and the ability to get stronger, quicker, and jump higher will come faster, and carry less chance of injury with better tracking.


We are meticulous in our attention to detail!! Which is why our athletes have developed into the most technical players around. 

Below you can see our stills and video of armswing repetition work. Carli Young, one of our top young players who specializes in the Libero and setting positions continues to fine tune her armswing. With stills and video from every angle and an attention to detail unparalleled at the club level, it's no wonder Carli's armswing continues to improve and it shows in her ability to rip the jump serve!















What's the details that makes Carlis armswing so good? Well, she's got the basics down pat. Good transitiion with the arms, left hand comes down as the right elbow comes around, everything is nice and fast, contact on the ball is high and slightly out in front, and the elbow tracks above the shoulder through the entire swing. Basic mechanics are great!

Where can we improve the armswing? From the beginning, we would really like to see one consistent starting/hold position as opposed to the hitting hand slowly rising as a timing mechanism. And the biggest piece of the puzzle, get that hitting hand more relaxed. After the high speed film studies done at the top level, we have established that the snap/wrist snap in a hitters contact cannot be forced or consciously added, it only comes from relaxing the hand enough so that it happens automatically. And the loose hand and snap is what really accentuates power, top spin and even control.

So, for a hitter like Carli that already has good control, a nice armswing and lots of power, its only upside from here. As we fine tune the minute details we look forward to things getting even better! More power, better topspin and pin point accuracy on the way!