Elite VBC ProdiG Players

What is an Elite ProdiG player?

The dictionary defines Prodigy as:

 1. a marvelous example

2.an extraordinary, marvelous, or unusual accomplishment, deed or event

3.having extraordinary talent or ability: a musical prodigy.

Here at Elite we focus primarily on the first 2 definitions of the word. We feel that EVERY young athlete is capable of accomplishing great things if the opportunity is present. Creating an environment/opportunity that allows all of our Elite players to become great is our number 1 priority. Elite coaching, Elite training, and the court time that allows players an infinite amount of practice time means that there is no other club environment that compares. And with so many different accomplishments over the years,  full scholarships at the Div 1 level, full scholarships at the NAIA level, Junior Olympic qualification in just our 4th year as a club, entire 14's teams making Varsity teams at 7 different high schools, training players to the top spots at their respective high schools, Valencia, Thousand Oaks, Louisville, Chaminade, Granada, Chatsworth, West Valley Christian, Saugus, Viewpoint, Sierra Canyon, Marlboro, Notre Dame and more. 
Are you willing to commit an extra day to repetition work? extra time to work on jump training? to work on speed and agility? to work on strength and power endurance?
Than you are an Elite ProdiG player and we are looking for you.
Our hope is that in the upcoming seasons we will eventually be able to put every player in our club on the Elite ProdiG page, we have the desire, the drive, and the determination to make it happen, Do You?

With the addition of some fantastic new athletes this season we are eagerly anticipating adding more players to this page.

For now, we have some of our returning athletes that really stand out as Elite prodigy players. Players that put in the extra time, speed work, agility, plyometrics, and technical repetitions as well as helping to coach and train our new and younger players, and they either have or will be moving on to bigger and better things at the end of their club careers.

Meaghan Wheeler - 6 year Elite Player - O/M/L

Jesse Bowden - 4 year Elite Player - S/DS/OP

Laurel Weaver -6th year Elite player - Setter/Outside/Opposite - 18Elite

Arianna Homayun - 4th year Elite player - Setter/Outside - 18Elite

Ella Rogers - 4th year Elite Player - Setter/Outside - 16Elite

Carli Young - 3rd year Elite Player - Setter/Defensive Specialist - 16Elite




Meaghan Wheeler - the original Elite ProdiG Player -

currently staring at Fairleigh Dickinson University






Laurel Weaver Senior  Class of 2013  #44 O/S  18Elite

5'11"   138lbs   27inch Vertical Jump

Laurel Weaver's Online Video Archive





Ariana Homayun  Sophomore  Class of 2015   #22   18Elite

5'6"  128lbs  24inch Vertical Jump

Ariana Homayun's Online Video Archive




Ella Rogers  Sophomore  Class of 2015  16Elite

5'8"  130lbs  23inch Vertical Jump

Ella Roger's Online Team Video




Carli Young  Sophomore  Class of 2015  16Elite

5'4"   105lbs  24inch Vertical Jump

Carli Young's Online Team Video